Campus Globe is a young company founded in 2012 with the goal of raising the quality of higher education in emerging countries. 

Of course, the standard of education in emerging countries has greatly improved in recent years, but even so, many organizations - both public and private - still face major problems:
- limited human & financial resources
- the frequent gap between academia & industry in many countries
- curricula not updated with the latest scientific and/or management developments
- a mismatch between course content & employers' needs

Herve SALKIN has gained a sound understanding of this situation thanks to his own education (Master's degrees in engineering from Ecole Polytechnique & Ecole des Mines in Paris) and his professional experience in Europe, Africa & Asia (20 years in the energy & food sectors and 12 years at senior positions in graduate engineering & management schools). From this twin experience in both industry and education came the decision to create Campus Globe to contribute to solving the above-mentioned problems according to best international academic practices.

In 2014, Campus Globe did enlarge its portfolio of services by focusing on corporate accounts and proposing two important additional product lines:
- adult continuing education
- executive search services