Higher Education

Campus Globe services focus on new ressources and include:
- the coaching of young students and assistance in the definition of their study & career plan
- the delivery within existing programs of specific classes/courses by international experts
- the development of student mobility programs*: supervision of study abroad periods, immigration services in home country, logistics services in host country
- the design, implementation and running of completely new undergrad and/or graduate courses
- the assistance in the setting up of new engineering and/or business schools
Whether you need to set up a new class, a new course, a new campus or simply to update your existing higher education resources, please feel free to contact Campus Globe head office in France for assistance:
-              herve.salkin@campus-globe.com 
With the benefit of our long experience and extensive network of experts, we will be delighted to assist you in your quest for quality higher education that matches both local and international job market needs.

* the placement of students in Asia is carried out in cooperation with our partner universities:
- China = Shanghai - Qingdao - Yantai - Lanzhou
- India = Kolkata
- Japan = Tokyo - Sendai